Resource Management

Training of our technicians and utilisation of resource is managed using our specialist resource management software. The system helps organise and select specialised personnel, ensuring our clients’ project requirements are met with the right resources, competency levels and expertise.

The system has the ability to allow third party access to training certification for access 24/7, so clients can view the credentials and training of the specialised personnel assigned to their project. We pride ourselves on being able to confidently manage our resource pool on all projects, and log its training requirements whilst giving our clients extensive visibility of supply.

All of our staff members have their competencies mapped against the roles contained within our quality system procedures. A list of all training records are contained within our software along with scanned copies of certification so we can ensure any resource assigned to our clients’ project is fully qualified. An innovative certificate expiry system ensures that the Group is constantly aware of its workforce’s expiring certificates, allowing our training cluster to keep all of the Group’s competencies and certificates up to date.