Parts and Components

Alongside our standard service lines within the renewables industry, 3sun Group can also offer cost-saving efficiencies through its established supply chain.

Service Highlights

  • Davit cranes
  • Nacelle cranes
  • Turbine lifts
  • OEM spare parts
  • Technical support
  • Tailored in-house component production
  • Lifting beams and slings
  • PPE and other safety equipment

We have collaborative relationships with OEMs whose products are found offshore; from fall-arrest systems to cranes, slings to generators, 3sun Group’s tailored technical expertise can manage your supply chain; sourcing, purchasing, installing and servicing necessary components This relationship also provides technicians that have received specific OEM training in the inspection and maintenance of their equipment and access to spare parts.

3sun Group also manufacture essential components, necessary across a turbine’s operation. As a pressure system specialist, we can provide new or replacement hydraulic power units, fully compliant with PSSR regulations. The Group is also a producer of lifting accessories, including shackles and slings, ensuring that we can fulfil our customer’s requirements