3sun Group’s engineering capabilities, combined with our large, experienced resource pool makes us capable of dealing with the largest, most complex renewable energy projects.

Service Highlights

  • Wind turbine blade carrier racks
  • Mechanical and electrical design
  • Heavy lift plans and deck layouts
  • Retrofits
  • Installation procedures
  • Work pack and RAMS creation
  • 24-hour and embedded engineering support
  • Remote system diagnostics and condition-based monitoring
  • Failure mode analysis
  • Onshore/offshore surveys
  • Healthcare service contracts
  • Through-life support

Our unique position of strength is based on our extensive experience of a wide range of workscopes across the offshore energy sectors. This has resulted in 3sun Group establishing solutions to many reoccurring challenges, such as turbine access, lifting and retrofit work.

A key element of this work is the modification and upgrade of offshore wind turbines. Through our extensive experience across Europe’s growing offshore wind industry, we are familiar with working with the majority of existing offshore wind projects and have established and worked in accordance with many aspects of industry best practice. This understanding gained from growing with the industry means the Group can pinpoint areas of improvement and create cost-effective solutions. The key to such a project lies in our understanding of our clients’ needs and tailoring the design accordingly. Our 3sun Group engineering cluster draws upon the many years of experience they have, both in the field and through their training and apply this to the countless original and perplexing challenging situations that have arisen in the renewables and oil, gas & marine sectors.

We provide innovative designs which abide by the latest standards, safety requirements, technology and industry trends, and apply them to each unique situation. Computer Aided Design (CAD)CAD and system simulation is used to design and test solutions before we implement them, reducing project risks.

3sun Group offers consultancy services which identify key opportunities for improvement in all areas of processes and systems. Our knowledge and understanding of our clients business is what distinguishes us from the competition.