Asset Integrity

3sun Group have developed the capability to offer a full asset integrity package in response need to extend the life of ageing assets. Our cost-effective services maintain our client’s assets so they can operate for the foreseeable future providing a safe system of work for its operatives and the environment.

Service Highlights

  • Black trade technician supply (pipe-fitters, riggers, platers, welders, rig builders for hot works, on-site fabrication, decommissioning and modifications)
  • Electrical & instrumentation technician supply
  • Redundant equipment removal
  • Weight shedding prior to decommissioning
  • Operational integrity and reliability surveys
  • Routine and Non-routine derrick maintenance
  • Painting and blasting services
  • Composite structural repairs

Our solution starts with offshore surveys by qualified engineers, creation of risk assessments, design and fabrication, through to installation or decommissioning of both onshore and offshore assets, reinstating the working environment as a safe area of work ensuring that your asset will continue its life 'fit for purpose'.


By implementing a high level of integrity management through verification and assurance of the assets, the working life of the assets can be prolonged by implementing basic repair methods and strategies, static equipment repair, temporary repair and fabric maintenance.

3sun Group can provide project management services and supply fabrication through industry recognised fabricators. All fabrication is vetted through a comprehensive QA/QC process prior to delivery to ensure a right first time process is maintained.