Renewables Operations & Maintenance - Offshore Servicing and Main Component Change-Outs


  • 500hr Servicing of wind turbines 
  • Blade pitch bearing change outs 
  • Transformer change outs 
  • Blade change outs 
  • Gearbox change outs 
  • Yaw ring change outs 


  • Ensuring that Wind Turbines are serviced and maintained in accordance with client procedures 
  • Identification, reporting and replacement of defective equipment 
  • Maintaining warranty status of equipment 
  • Maintaining safe systems of work 


  • Prolonged service life of field assets due to preventative maintenance 
  • Reduced equipment downtime 
  • Reduced service costs and component failure rates 
  • Maintaining safe systems of work during, service and maintenance 

Maximising our value 

  • Reduction in offshore remedial works 
  • Maintaining client’s safety culture 
  • Provision of technical advice and assistance 
  • Completing work scopes within designated timescales 
  • Ensuring service documentation is kept up to date