Renewables Installation - Offshore Construction


Supply of team leaders and technicians in the following disciplines on the world’s largest offshore wind farm. In total fifty five personnel were mobilized for a duration of up to eighteen months. 


  • Ensuring that turbines were constructed to a high build standard in accordance with client procedures 
  • Ensuring that preventative maintenance was carried out in accordance with Siemens procedures 
  • Training of client and 3rd party personnel in wind turbine construction 
  • Supervision of client and 3rd party personnel 
  • Maintaining safe systems of work 


  • Wind farm built on time and below budget 
  • Turbine servicing carried out within designated timescales 
  • Maintaining safe systems of work during, service and maintenance 

Maximising our value 

  • Power generation on time and below budget 
  • Maintaining client’s safety culture 
  • Provision of technical advice and assistance 
  • Completing work scopes within designated timescales 
  • Training of client personnel 
  • Ensuring build documentation is correct