Oil & Gas Subsea - Subsea WHCP Modifications, TUTU’s & Choke Panels


The client’s existing platform infrastructure - Subsea Wellhead Control Panels (WHCP), Topside Umbilical Termination Units (TUTUs) and Choke Panels required modifications to upgrade and comply with platform specifications. 

In addition, the manufacture, installation and integration of new hydraulic systems was required. 


3sun Group performed surveys to determine the actions needed to be taken on the platform for specific modifications. The surveys also provided information for the design and manufacture of new hydraulic systems. 

3sun Group utilised their skilled labour pool to complete works onshore and offshore. 


The client was provided with new and upgraded hydraulic systems that integrated with the existing systems in place.

Maximising our value 

3sun Group provided the client with services throughout the work scope. This allowed the client to have a single point of contact from initial surveys through to the installation and commissioning of the hydraulic systems. 

The experienced 3sun Group labour force was able to highlight potential issues with the existing installation prior to problems occurring. The solution finding approach ensured the project was executed within the time requirements for the client.