Oil & Gas Subsea - Design and Supply of Subsea Control System


To provide the client with five Subsea Control Modules (SCM) that were compatible with two different trees vendors. The subsea development consisted of two drill centers with one water injection (WI) and one production trees at each location. 

The controls communications had to co-exist in the umbilical with Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) power and controls and there would not be an early opportunity to perform cross talk tests. 


3sun Group’s track record of successfully working with multiple tree designs and manufacturers meant that there were no insurmountable problems presented throughout the project. 

Initial calculations suggested that the ESP cross talk would not cause concerns, however our modems were redesigned to utilise higher frequencies as a precaution.


The client was provided with subsea control modules that were compatible with the trees vendors selected without any issues and all deliverables have now been completed. 

Phase II installation is now underway and we are now preparing for offshore installation, commissioning and startup. 

Maximising our value 

Items were required within six months of order to meet project requirements - 3sun Group were able to react and deliver within the timescales. 3sun Group have secured a maintenance contract for the asset and will continue to support the controls systems after startup.