Oil & Gas Service - Technician Supply


To accurately tackle and resolve a number of Electrical and Hydraulic faults across the client’s platforms in Western Africa. 3sun Group’s technicians were responsible for ongoing fault finding, repairs and routine maintenance on the client’s assets. 


3sun Group provided technical personnel from their experienced and skilled labour pool. Technicians were assigned to the project to allow the client to build working relationships and collaborate in tackling work scopes to gain the best results. 


The client was provided with a high standard of reactive and proactive maintenance support; the integrity, functionality and reliability of the platform’s instrumentation, electrical and hydraulic systems improved as a result. 

3sun Group personnel also delivered support during project and shutdown campaigns, ensuring that work scopes were completed in line with the client’s timescales and specifications.

Maximising our value 

3sun Group technicians had a continual presence on site, therefore were able to assist and provide solutions to issues as they aroused. 

Technicians on site were also able to liaise with engineering colleagues at 3sun Group headquarters in Great Yarmouth, who were on hand to source equipment, refurbish client systems and provide engineered solutions to technical problems.