Oil & Gas Service - Drawer Module Refurbishment x 12


To refurbish 12 Well Control Drawer Modules from a North Sea platform for our client. The drawer modules were delivered to 3sun Group’s Great Yarmouth Facility to be refurbished. 

The 12 Drawer Modules were required to be refurbished, tested and shipped back to platform within a defined period of time during the platforms’ shutdown window. 


3sun Group successfully purchased all materials on award of purchase order and advised the client of project start date and duration. 

3sun Group provided skilled technicians and engineers from their labour pool from the beginning of the project until completion. The drawer modules were completed and installed in time for the platform shutdown window end. 


3sun Group provided all 12 newly refurbished and tested drawer modules in the timescales given, ensuring there were no delays after the shutdown period for the client. 

Maximising our value 

3sun Group are able to provide the client with single point support for the entirety of the project. Client support includes: site surveys, technical analysis and review, including design, equipment and skilled labour supply.