Oil & Gas Engineering - Product Supply – PI Data Analysis


Our client in the Southern North Sea has a number of NUIs (Normally Unmanned Installations) across three fields which required daily monitoring for faults, maximising production and minimising maintenance costs. 


  • Inform the client when any discrepancy is monitored and provide them with the most likely scenario and possible solutions for any issues that may arise 
  • Stop potential shutdowns by acting before the problem occurs by monitoring trends in the PI data 
  • Project management to co-ordinate all project activities and provide the client with a single point of contact and responsibility throughout 


  • Initial trial period finished and 3sun continue to monitor the clients assets on a daily basis 
  • Daily all immediate issues that require urgent actions are brought to the clients attention 
  • Weekly all issues immediate and otherwise are tabulated and reported giving a weekly ‘health’ check of all hydraulic systems on the clients assets 

Maximising our value 

  • Issues relating to hydraulic failures are captured before they result in loss of production 
  • Maintenance can be performed on a when required basis rather than on a routine basis meaning money is saved on maintenance materials and labour 
  • A good overview of all hydraulic systems is known at all times and a helpful history database is built up and recorded