Academy - Transition to Work


The client realised that their 36 apprentices who were starting the apprenticeship program were not used to working in a commercial and industrial environment. A training programme was required to develop their knowledge and understanding. 


3sun Academy developed a 2 day “Transition to Work training course designed for young persons from the ages of 16 to 19. The course included such items as timekeeping, attitude, dress-code, behaviour, bullying, mobile phone use and email etiquette to name but a few. It was delivered so the candidates would fully understand the different atmosphere of working in industry, opposed to the school environment. 


The candidates were able to fully understand and appreciate the requirements of working in an office and industrial environments. These are skills that are needed to promote an attitude of professionalism and safety. 

This has ultimately reduced the need for the HR department to spend time in coaching each individual apprentice, and for them to commit to a collective agreement of their attitude in the workplace.