Academy - Full Training Solution


The client required a packaged solution to accommodate, chaperone, train and then transport 6 groups of candidates, a total of 40 candidates. They required a full list of approved training courses to run one after the other without any breaks. 


3sun Academy organised the transport, accommodation and meals for the entire programme. The candidates were met at their hotel every morning by the Chaperone, and taken by coach to the training location for each particular course. 

As per company requirements full medicals were arranged and the delegates were inducted into the training programme. 

3sun Academy led the GWO Working at Height course, GWO First Aid Course and the 2 Day CCNSG course, a total of 6 days training. Safety Harness Equipment and PPE were provided throughout the training. 

Once the training had been completed, each group of candidates were escorted to an organised plane and coach to their working location where they were then handed over to their management team. 


The client received a full package of accommodation, travel and training which ran to a very high standard. The candidates were fully managed to ensure they were suitably compliant with the correct UK courses in order to work on a Wind Turbine site. This gave huge efficiencies as the whole program was managed and co-ordinated by the 

3sun Academy fully coordinated the entire programme which reduced cost and time for the management team. The guests were fully catered for making sure they were ready to complete their relevant tasks when they arrived on-site. 

Maximising Our Value 

3sun Academy were able to design and provide a cost effective training solution, that helped achieve a value added service in order to maximise the effective use of the training budget.